Wheelchair Rubix 2 Xl Hd Self Propelled 20 X18/19 Blue [074000-001-52]

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Wheelchair Rubix 2 Xl Hd Self Propelled 20 X18/19 Blue [074000-001-52] has adjustable back upholstery, adjustable seat depth and angle, angle adjustable footrests and comfort seating, the RubiX² is able to match a wide range of user needs.
The RubiX² XL extends the user range for heavy duty users by offering seat width up to 60 cm with 170 kg user weight.

Castor fork adjustment - Castor fork with increased adjustment (0, 3 & 6 degrees) and added stability are a feature of this heavy duty folding wheelchair.

Axle plate adjustment - Axle plate for seat height and centre of gravity adjustment enhance this adjustable wheelchairs functionality.

Elevating footrest - Elevating footrest made of aluminium cast housing for greater stability.

Rounded front armrest - This heavy duty wheelchair features wider, rounded front armrest for greater comfort and safety.

Product Weight 16.8 kg
Max User Weight 170 kg
Min Seat Depth 410 mm
Max Seat Depth 510 mm
Min Seat Width 520 mm
Max Seat Width 600 mm
Min Back Rest Height 410 mm
Max Back Rest Height 460 mm

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