Wheelchair Karma Eagle Self Propelled 18X18 [Km8020Q-1818]

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The Karma Eagle Self Propelled 18X18 [Km8020Q-1818] is a lightweight, durable and reliable manual wheelchair that is highly adjustable.

The Eagle comes standard with swing away and removable legrests, swing back height adjustable armrests and quick release wheels. These are some of the key features of the Eagle that make it the right choice for both user and carers.

The Eagle offers an impressive range of standard features with an extensive selection of personal customising available.

The Eagle series is easy to fold and transport and is the logical choice for people seeking a quality mobility product at an affordable price.

  • Frame: Folding light weight aluminium
  • Foot rest: Removable, height adjustable
  • Swing away removable legrest
  • Arm rest: Swing away, height adjustable with ergonomic pad
  • Wheels: Quick release, pneumatic tyre 24\"x1 3/8
  • Castor: Solid 8\"x1
  • Brakes Push to lock
  • Seat: Height adjustable
  • Back rest: Height adjustable
  • Upholstery: Dacron, fire retardant
Sizes 36cm x 41cm (14\"x16\") 4141cm x 41cm (16\"x16\") 43cm x 41cm (17\"x16\") 46cm 41cm (18\"x16\") 46cm x 46cm (18\"x18\")
Total width 55cm 60cm 64cm 66cm 66cm
Width (folded) 33.5cm 33.5cm 33.5cm 33.5cm 33.5cm
Armrest height 23cm-28cm 23cm-28cm 23cm-28cm 23cm-28cm 23cm-28cm
Total length 108cm 108cm 108cm 108cm 108cm
Seat height 51cm 51cm 51cm 51cm 51cm
Backrest height 40cm-47.5cm 40cm-47.5cm 40cm-47.5cm 40cm-47.5cm 40cm-47.5cm
Total height 93cm 93cm 93cm 93cm 93cm
Total weight 14.0kg 14.2kg 14.4kg 14.6kg 14.7kg
Max user weight 130kg 130kg 130kg 130kg 130kg

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