Wheelchair Invacare Action 3 Ng Lever Drive Manual Left Hand 18X18L [A3Ld1818]

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The Action3 manoeuvres smoothly due to its light rigid and well-balanced frame, and an ergonomic design that enables the user to become more independent.

Improved function – Emphasis on user and therapist needs has resulted in easier and finer adjustments within the frame. These increased configuration choices ensure improved postural position maximising user function and independence.

Performance – The Invacare® Action3 is designed to ensure optimal driving performance with the lightweight rigid frame and high quality components providing easy rolling and manoeuvrability.

Functional – Adaptable and modular, the Action3 is ideally suited for accommodating progressive changes in user needs. It is also simple to refurbish with a range of options.

One arm lever drive control system allowing the user with low muscular tone to propel the wheelchair.  Using one arm through the lever pendular motion which propels it forward or backwards, steering and braking integrated.


  • 14kg weight The total weight of 14kg addresses the need for improved handling, storage and transportation. The lowest transportation weight (without legrest, armrest and rear wheels) is 7.6 kg.
  • Brake and Brake extension Fold the brake handle for easier side transfers.
  • Length compensating leg support New option elevating legrest offers optimal length compensation with the elevation stepped in approx. 3 – 5 degrees.
  • Footrest The proven design of the swing in / swing out footrest has an easy-to-operate quick release mechanism.
  • 20 rear wheel positions Driving performance is enhanced with a choice of 20 rear wheel positions as standard. Users can set the rear wheel to Standard, Medium, Active or Amputee position.
  • Magnesium castor attachment A castor attachment provides ease of angle adjustment and enhanced support. The use of the magnesium attachment reduces the weight of the chair by almost 400 gram.

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