Wheelchair G2 Leisure Plus With Quick Release Rear Wheels [G2-Lp-31Qr]

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The Glide G2 Leisure Plus manual wheelchair, featuring a durable and versatile folding frame the Leisure Plus is modelled on the G2 Leisure, featuring the same chasis and layout with increased functionality of a few comfort enhancement devices such as full length armests.

The Glide G2 Leisure Plus manual wheelchair incorporate the proven, durable and versatile G2 folding frame and removeable full length armrests. With minor design adjustments the Leisure Plus can provide additional features to accommodate the more active user who require a sports style chair as well as those who are looking for a chair designed for reliability and hard work.

SAFTEY – Crash tested to AS 3696:19
when fitted with Glide oppropiate tie-down plates.


  • Max Recommended User Weight 150kg
  • Chair weight From 14.5kg
  • Rear Wheels 24” x 1 3/8” Pneumatic
  • Front Castors 175mm x 40mm MCP PU (Solid)
  • Overall Length 102cm
  • Overall Width 40cm seat depth = 60cm overall width
  • Seat Frame Lightweight aluminium modular frame
  • Seat Width 37, 40, 43, 46, 49, 52cm
  • Seat Depth 37, 40, 43, 46, 49, 52cm
  • Seat Upholstery Sailcloth with adjustment on seat
  • Arm Rests Full Length Standard
  • Leg Rests Swing away and plastic footplates.
  • Frame Colour Choose from Glide colour range
  • Brakes Manual push on


Ancillary Equipment

  • 50965 Crutch Holder G2

Armrest and Components

  • 5030 Armrest G2 Swingaway w/ Moulded armpad
  • 1025 Armrest Desk Arm Non Adjustable
  • 5020 Armrest G2 Sport Type (Standard)
  • 5032 Armrest G2 / S4 Flip up
  • 1010 Armrest Adjustable Height
  • 1015 Armrest Adjustable Height Desk


  • HG1 - S, HG1 - M (S= Sml, M= Med) Bodypoint Hip Grip

Brakes - Manual

  • No Code Brakes Low Mounted
  • 5064 Brake Extension G2
  • 5066 Brake Rear Mount G2

Carry Bags

  • 1154 Carry Bag Series 8 Backrest Glide Under G2 Chair Carry Bag
  • 1151 Carry Bag Backrest Suitable for G1, G2, G3
  • 1152 Carry Bag G2 Under Seat

Footplates and Footstems

  • 12601 Footplate Adaptor (WIDE)
  • 12514 Footplate One Piece Special
  • 1254 Footplate One Piece Flip Up
  • 5126 Heel Loops
  • 1255 Footplate 40 - 43cm Aluminium
  • 77033 Interlocking Footplate G2 Plastic
  • 77031 Interlocking Footplate Aluminium

Head Support

  • 39308 Headrest Mounting Kit G2 & G3

Legrests Hangers/Foot Plates and Stems

  • Various Sizes Calf Strap - Various Sizes
  • 51711 Stump Support G2, S4 30cm
  • 51712 Stump Support G2, S4 40cm
  • 51710 Stump Support G2, S4 23cm

Powder Coat Finishes

  • Varying Colours Glide Powder Coat Finishes A range of super high gloss powder coat finishes available for all chairs. Please Note: Lemon Gold is currently unavailable until further notice.


  • 1582 Tray, Flip up and fold away
  • 1581 Tray, Slide in Complete


  • 5062 Backrest Extension G2
  • 720950 Connecting Flap Backrest to Seat
  • 5995 Fold Down and Removable Backrest option
  • 1327 Upholstery Tightener G2, G3, Series 4
  • 1086 Backrest Extension Suitable for fitment to G1, G2 or G3, RB, TS & RBT.

Wheelchair frame

  • 5139 Tilt Bars G2, S4

Wheels and Assemblies

  • 20315 Spoke Guard 20\"
  • 2031 Spoke Guard 24\"
  • 50101 Anti Tip Rollers G2 Long
  • 5010 Anti Tip Rollers G2

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