Wheelchair Action 4Ng Heavy Duty Self Propelled Invacare 20X18 (Action4Hd-A)

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A comfortable, foldable, lightweight wheelchair, the Action 4NG is ideally suited for everyday use. A key feature of this next-generation model is the innovative Invacare hallmark of cross-compatibility; a shared platform with other models in the Action NG family means that users and advisors can easily update or refurbish their wheelchairs and enjoy maximum opportunities for personalised adjustment. The Standard Action 4NG is available in Self Propel, Transit, Dual Handrim or Lever Drive while the Action 4NG HD is available in Self Propel or Transit and has a maximum user weight of 160kg.

Light and comfortable Even the most basic Action®4NG model fully covers user needs, as almost everything, from the height of the backrest, armrest and footrest – is adjustable. From the Transit model for use with an attendant, to the selfpropelling model or the groundbreaking Heavy-Duty version with a user weight of 160 kg, the Action®4NG offers total flexibility in a chair to suit almost everyone.

  • Adjustable backrest upholstery - the backrest can be equipped with tension adjustable straps.
  • Seat-depth adjustability - Decrease seat upholstery by 5 cm to optimize seat size
  • Backrest bar - With contour-adjustable upholstery a backrest bar is required for extra stability
  • Hangers and legrests - Hangers come as angle-adjustable, fixed 80 degrees angle and amputee version. Use depth-adjustable, angle adjustable, fixed and one piece footrest legrests with fixed hanger.
  • Head support - Can be adjusted on the backbrace. Side and depth adjustment provides optimum positioning.
  • Optional rear wheel positions - New active position plate offers better balancing possibilities for superior driving performance.
  • Hub brakes - Hub brakes available as an option, helping assistants stop the wheelchair and reduce speed.
  • Anti-tip device - Prevents wheelchair from tipping over and is height adjustable to suit the different seat heights.
  • Amputee Legrest - The amputee legrest is both heightand angle- adjustable.
Min Overall Length 1050 mm
Max Overall Length 1110 mm
Min Overall Height 900 mm
Max Overall Height 1030 mm
Folded Width 305 mm
Seat Width 508 mm
Seat Depth Min 400 mm
Seat Depth Max 500 mm
Arm Rest Height 260 mm
Min Back Rest Height 380 mm
Max Back Rest Height 460 mm
Min Floor To Seat Height 460 mm
Max Floor To Seat Height 510 mm

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