Vibra Lite 12 Mini Vibrating Reminder Watch (Ttw-Vm-Swh)

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The Vibra Lite 12 mini Reminder Watch has large and easy to read digits plus backlight button, the vibrating function can be used with the audible alarm or independently for a more discreet alarm. With 12 daily alarm settings that can be preset for variable reminders. 20 second alarm duration that turns off automatically or manually with with any button push.

The watch also includes one countdown timer with repeat option (automatically repeats the preset time each time the countdown reaches zero), with sounding alarm when countdown reached. Counts down in hours, minutes and seconds – up to 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Operates using a 12 hour clock with AM/PM prompts. Easy to set and easy to use, this slim stylish watch is the perfect companion for anyone who needs regular reminders throughout the day.

Designed to fit wrist size 12 cm to 18 cm. Standard model available for larger wrists.

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