Venosan 4001 Thigh Agh Large Long O/Toe Mexico

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SUITABLE FOR:  Varicose Veins, Ulceration, Thrombosis, Sclerotherapy, Pregnancy, Work and Travel  

  • Especially designed for the elderly  (easy to apply)
  • Compression class I (18-21mmHg)
  • Thigh length: wide comfortable band that stays in place


  • 71% TACTEL® Polyamide
  • 29% Lycra® Elastane


  • Breathable
  • TACTEL® climate effect wicks away moisture, so ensuring excellent comfort in wear.

Extremely elastic

  • Easy to apply, due to the flat stretch/strain curve of the knitted fabric.
  • Will fit up to 90-95% of the general public.


    • Material and visual elegance ensure optimum comfort in wear.

Medical compression garments should be measured by a trained fitter where possible
Important points when measuring for compression garments 

  • Early morning if possible when leg is not swollen
  • If the leg is swollen, elevate leg for a period of time
  • Patient should be standing where possible


  • If the garment is too tight, the client will be uncomfortable and the likelihood of them wearing the stockings all day is slim.
  • If the garment is too bigthe client will spend all day pulling it up 
  • Incorrect sizing will cause discomfort to the client and will result in poor compliance
  • If measurements are at the very end of the size scale there will be minimal stretch left in the garment
  • If this occurs, move up to the next size. This will still give the correct compression, but garment will be more comfortable and easier to don.
  • If a client is very elderly or has poor muscle strength, start with a lower compression garment. Once they are used to wearing and donning this garment, you can introduce a higher compression if needed.
  • To get accustomed to wearing compression garments, wear them for a couple of hours a day initially and gradually increase the time for wearing them.

how to measure

cB Ankle 20-23 23-26 26-29 29-31
cC Mid-calf 29-39 33-42 36-45 39-47
cD Below the knee 28-38 32-41 35-44 38-46
cG Thigh 48-63 54-67 58-72 63-74


Length (cm) 1 length only  
ID  Below knee AD    regular/long 37-42
IG  Thigh high AGH  regular/long 68-78
IK  Panty hose  & Single leg AT ATU AGG  regular/long 74-85

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