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The wheelchair is powered directly at the rear wheels. The advantage of this technique is the permanent and very efficient transmission of power. You can effortlessly overcome slopes up to 20 %. The maximum total weight admitted (person, wheelchair plus device) is 200 kg. An almost limitless mobility is at your disposal due to the v-max.

Our powerful battery pack allows for a range of 19 km depending on the weight of the person to be transported as well as the terrain‘s surface. The speed going forward is continuously adjustable up to 6 km/h, going backward up to 3 km/h. The v-max is mounted to the lower part of the back rest allowing full leg space for the attendant. It merely weighs 8.2 kg and the battery pack 10.2 kg.


Total weight approved (1): 200 kg / 300 kg
Possible from a seat width of: 36 cm and more / 60 cm and more
Possible wheel sizes: 20 and 24\" / 24\"
Speed: adjustable
forward | backwart: 6 km/h | 3 km/h / 5,5 km/h | 3 km/h
Range with one charge of the batteries (2): up to 19 km / up to 22 km
Braking-/climbing capacity (3): up to 20% / up to 12%
Battery technology: lead acid
Batteries: 2 x 12 V - 16 Ah / 2 x 12 V - 22 Ah
Direct current motor: 24 V - 130 W / 24 V - 419 W
Weight, drive unit incl. grips: 8.2 kg / 13.5 kg
Weight, battery pack: 10.2 kg / 14.3 kg
Weight, bag for battery pack: 0.2 kg
Total weight: 19.1 kg / 28.6 kg
Noise data: - / 66 dB (A)
Application class: B

(1) Please note the manufacturer’s stipulations for the maximum load.
(2) According to ISO 7176-4, the range depends on the person’s weight, the underground, the territory, the temperature, etc.
(3) The Braking - / climbing capacity also depends on the underground, the territory, the temperature, etc.

This item is part of the MASS range.

Notice: All products must be applied through the standard MASS process. This range is only available as a reminder on what is available on the contract. Please contact our friendly team for assistance.

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