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Easily transportable powered mobility is important when caring for bariatric & obese patients. Often only very short trips are possible because the attendant quickly reaches his or her physical limits, the V-Max+ add-on power units overcomes this.

The V-Max add-on electric power pushing and braking aid offers a powerful yet transportable solution. V-Max+ assists the attendant driving uphill and it also brakes automatically when going downhill. The attendant gains security and longer trips are possible due to the powerful engine of the pushing and braking aid.

V-Max+ plus will easily handle the wheelchair, and the person up to 300kg. Assembly is possible for a seat width between 60cm and 85cm. The attendant’s leg room is not affected because the device is attached to the lower part of the back rest.

  • Maximum Approved Weight:300kg (1) (person, wheelchair, V-Max+)
  • Assembly Possible: From a seat width of 60cm up to 85cm
  • Speed:continually adjustable
  • Forward | Backward:5.5km/h | 3km/h
  • Range:up to 22km (2)
  • Maximum possible incline:up to 12% (2)
  • Height I Width I Depth:27.5cm | 61.5cm | 18.5cm
  • Batteries:2 x 12V/22Ah
  • DC motor:24V
  • Weight of the Batteries:15.0kg
  • Weight of the Power Unit:13.5kg

(1) Please note the maximum load stipulated by your wheelchair manufacturer.

(2) Range and climbing capacity is dependent, among other things, on the weight of the person to be transported, the topography, etc.

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