Therapy Premium Weighted Blanket (Adult) Micro Plush Cover Calming Blue 5Kg [Adlt-Blkt-Bl-5]

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Therapy Premium Weighted Blanket (Adult) Micro Plush Cover Calming Blue 5Kg [Adlt-Blkt-Bl-5] has been engineered to help reduce stress and anxiety, giving you a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. The all new & improved Adaptive™ Series features a reversible cover with one side made from cooling bamboo fabric and the other side made from buttery soft micro plush fabric. The inner blanket features long staple premium cotton and is filled with high density glass beads to add an amazing weighted feel.

Feels like a big hug

Therapy Blanket utilises deep touch pressure to gently distribute pressure evenly across your body, promoting a deeper more restful night’s sleep.

The result is a natural reduction in stress and anxiety while also promoting the production of endorphins to improve mood and relaxation

Weighted for complete sensory calmness

Therapy Blanket’s weighted filling uses Dura-bead™ technology. It's a unique high density glass micro-bead that stays quiet even when moving around. They’re non-toxic, food grade and odourless making them the perfect choice for blanket filling.

The density of the beads adds weight to the blanket while also being small and soft, creating an amazing texture.

Choosing your blanket

Body Weight Blanket Weight Blanket Size
10 - 35Kgs 3.2 Kgs 102cm x 152cm
35 - 55Kgs 5 Kgs 122cm x 198cm
55 - 80 Kgs 7 Kgs 122cm x 198cm
80+ Kgs 9 Kgs 122cm x 198cm

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