Terra Aquos Cushion - 40 5 X 40 5 [476C00=Sk651]


Product Specifications

  • Approved-by - MASS
  • Brand - Ottobock
  • Model - Aquos
  • Risk - Medium Risk
  • Size - 16X16
  • Swl - 150kg
  • Type - Scripted Equipment
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  • Provides skin protection and positioning for users at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown
  • The LiquiCell inserts in the cover help reduce shear forces and help maintain skin integrity without compromising stability
  • Made from Ottobock's unique Rest Suspension Foam, the Aquos cushion keeps its shape and prevents "bottoming out"

Additional Features

  • Water resistant, Dartex® outer cover
  • Cover washable at 40° C – 60° C
  • Ring zip pull, and zip on three sides, for easy cover removal
  • Additional inner incontinence barrier available
  • Max. user weight: 150 kg
  • Cushion weight: 1150 g for 40.5 x 40.5 cm

For users who demand skin protection, shear reduction and require postural stability and support (e.g. spinal cord injuries, degenerative or other neurological conditions)
Ideal for…

  • Individuals with medium risk of pressure ulcers, especially those that are vulnerable to shear forces (e.g. active users, hand or foot propellers)
  • Users with poor sitting balance
  • Clients with discomfort or pain during mobility
  • on uneven terrain or curb drops

    Glamorgan Pressure Injury Risk Assessment is a reference guide to determine whether the patient is at risk, high risk or very high risk of having a pressure injury. Click Here to learn more.

    Pan Pacific Clinical Practice Guideline for the Prevention and Management of Pressure Injury - CLICK HERE to read full guidelines.

    Recommended additional reading:

    Pressure Injury Prevention versus Treatment

    National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards – Standard 8 Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries

    WARNING! - It's very important that the patient is assessed by a qualified healthcare professional.  Each patient condition is different and often requires different approaches. We DO NOT recommend using this information solely as a guide - specially without assistance from a healthcare professional. Please contact your doctor or your local hospital for assistance.

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