Ta Iq Front Wheel Drive With Lift And Tilt [97075]

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Ta Iq Front Wheel Drive With Lift And Tilt [97075] is a Power Chair for everyday use, with greater access and functionality, outdoors and indoors. With a tighter minimum turning radius, of only 65cm, the TA iQ can spin and manoeuvre in tighter spaces. This will ensure the user has better access and may further reduce the need for some costly housing modifications. Following the success of the TA Indoor the TA iQ features the same great functionality. A minimum seat plate height of only 38cm means the TA iQ electric wheelchair will fit under tables, desks and allows visibility when driving from the chair in a vehicle. A 30cm lift (to 68cm) allows improved communication as well as making it easier to reach storage in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas. Conscious of costs and government funded budgets, the TA iQ was designed to reduce the need for further customisation by being highly specified. With a very low standard floor to seat plate height of only 38 cm. All components are modular for easier servicing and refurbishment. 

The TA iQ is an European styled solution with the smooth lines of understated Scandinavian design. The TA iQ offers performance to go with its looks. The max speed is 10.0km, taking only 3 seconds to reach, and has a theoretical range of 40km. A 45° tilt, combined with an electric backrest, provides superior pressure relief. The TA iQ will fit any seating system specified, width 30-60cm, depth 30-55cm. The backrest is also easily adjustable and is designed to take any back cushion specified.

  • Width without Seat: 63cm
  • Length without legrests: 90cm
  • Minimum height from floor to seat base: 38cm
  • Minimum turning radius: 65cm
  • Electric lift height (minimum – maximum): 30cm (38 – 68cm)
  • Electric tilt: 45°
  • Motors: 4 Pole
  • Maximum user weight: 140kg
  • Maximum speed: 10km/h
  • Maximum range (optimum): 40km

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