Spex Centrepoint Shoulder Harness X-Small With Comfortable Waterproof Pads [1409-6660-017]

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  • Very popular anterior harness option
  • Unique sternal section of harness stays pressed together as straps are tightened.
  • Harness follows natural contours of the body and has clearance for stomach feeding tubes etc. 
  • Good adjustment
  • Centre swivel buckle is positioned low for safety
  • Fantastic comfort and great support
  • Superior female harness, and males too!
  • Can be independently operated by the user even if they have limited hand function
  • Professionally hand-made for quality
  • Soft comfortable pads offer excellent resilience, water resistance, and conform to the body without creasing.
  • Durable polyester webbing is ‘ridge’ woven for maximum grip once adjusted.
  • Tough stainless steel adjusters.
  • Attachment hardware allows a multitude of positioning options.
  • Smooth, soft polyester binding is comfortable against sensitive skin.
  • Sleek pad designs reduce coverage to minimise sweating.
  • Harness follows natural contours of the body.
  • Dynamic fabric accommodates movement while maintaining positioning.

Recommended for any harness choice to prevent shoulder straps falling off shoulders. The Spex™ shoulder strap guides are height adjustable and fit both 1” and 1.5” straps. Package includes a pair of 5mm aluminium strap guides and attachment hardware code 1400-6691-000.

This harness is a positioning device only. Do not use as a safety restraint in vehicles

Centrepoint Dimensions Code Centre of Buckle to top of Pad Harness Height Harness Width
XSmall 1409-6660-017 23 cm 26 cm 22 cm
Small 1409-6661-017 29 cm 36 cm 32 cm
Medium 1409-6662-017 34 cm 40 cm 36 cm
Large 1409-6663-017 40 cm 45 cm 42 cm
XLarge 1406-6664-017 45 cm 50 cm 50 cm

Spex™ Hip Belt & Harness Size Selection Guide

Depends on physique of user

User's W/C width 8-12" 11-15" 14-17" 17-20" 20"+
Recommended size X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large

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