Shower Commode Shower Buddy Roll-In Buddy Tilt [Sb3T]

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Shower Commode Shower Buddy Roll-In Buddy Tilt [Sb3T] was designed to help carers shower users with greater comfort and ease. Its tilt function is great for alleviating pressure from a seated position, and provides better access during bathing, Thanks to its lightweight frame and locking wheels, SB3T is simple and safe to transfer to and from the roll-in shower at home.

Roll-inBuddy Tilt can lean back with 30 degrees angle movement. The carer can control the tilt from either left or right hand side with an interchangeable tilt release lever. Included neck and feet rests help keep the user secure and comfortable during showering.

With its adjustable chair that fits over most standard home bathroom toilets and included commode bucket, SB3T is the complete bathroom mobility aid.

Roll-InBuddy Tilt is designed for carers to help mobility impaired individuals shower more comfortably in a roll-in shower.

  • Prepare the user for showering.
  • Ensure the user is comfortable and safe with neck and feet rests adjusted and safety straps in place.
  • Transfer the user into the roll-in shower with the rolling base.
  • Lock the base onto the floor of the shower with locking caster wheels.
  • Tilt release to lean back the user, taking pressure off legs.
  • Once shower is complete, simply unlock the wheels and transfer out of the shower.
  • Chair Width – over caster wheels 490mm
  • Chair Width – over arms 570mm
  • Chair Width – inside arms 475mm – smaller users see accessory pages
  • Chair Length – including footrest 1060mm (940mm with footrests fitted inwards)
  • Chair Tilt 0-30 degrees with infinite positioning and lock
  • Backrest Width 460mm
  • Backrest Height from Cushion to top 440mm
  • Toilet Height clearance (maximum) 535mm
  • Toilet Width clearance at narrowest 375mm (at casters)
  • Toilet clearance can depend upon the shape of the toilet pan
  • Seat Cushion Dimensions 460mm W x 430mm D
  • Seat Height from Floor 510mm to 610mm (Adjustable)
  • Seat Cushion Opening 175mm W x 335mm L
  • Box Dimensions L 840mm x W 580mm x H 760mm
  • Box Gross Weight 27.4kg

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