Scooter - Yoga Portable (Remote Control Folding Scooter) Yellow (S308222) [542-Yl]

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The Scooter Yoga Portable Folding Yellow [542-Yl] is made of strong light-weight alloy aluminum frame for easy folding and carrying and it has small foldable dimension for easy storage.

NOTE: Batteries are included.

  • Easy attach 24V Li-Ion Battery, Quick charge with 2A off-board charger.
  • Height and angle adjustable steering tiller to fit individual user demand.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Patented Twin-front-wheels w/spring suspension system offers excellent stability during sharp turning.
  • Optional Armrest.
max. speed up to 6 kph / 4mph
range up to 18km / 11.25 mile
turn radius 96cm / 37.8″
ground clearance 9.5cm / 3.7″
motor DC24V, 80W (Rating) / 340W (Max.)
controller PG S-Drive 45
battery Li-Ion Battery 24V / 11.5AH
charger 2A off-board
front wheel 6″ (153*40) foam filled tire
rear wheel 7″ (178*45) foam filled tire
brake Electromagnetic Brake


seat width 40.5cm
seat depth 35cm
seat height from ground 59.5cm
seat height from deck 39cm
back height 31.5cm
wheel base 78.5cm
length (folded) 52cm
length (unfolded) 98cm
width (folded) 43.5cm
width (unfolded) 43.5cm
height (folded) tiller: 102.5cm; seat: 87cm
height (unfolded) 64cm


base w/seat (w/o batt. and armrest) 24kg
battery/ea 1.7kg
ttl w/batt. (w/o armrest) 25.7kg
capacity 113kg

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