Scooter Pathrider 10 4 Blue [Pr10-4B]

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The Pathrider 10 4 wheels is a sleek and sporty scooter. Delivers high performance operation, puncture-proof tyres and wraparound easy drive tiller.

The Pathrider 10 also features an auto-connection front to rear harness and long-lasting LED headlights.

Battery requirements: Two 12 volt, deep cycle. Size: 35 AH (standard). Battery charger: 3-amp, off-board. Front and Rear Tyre Size: 9cm x 25cm.

  • High performance operation 
  • Feather-touch disassembly for ultimate quick transportation 
  • Exclusive stylish, lightweight, low profile, non-scuffing, puncture-proof tyres 
  • The LED battery reader is back-lit for increased accuracy and visibility in any setting 
  • High-intensity LED headlight 
  • The lightweight, molded plastic seat comes with viscoelastic foam inserts to increase comfort 
  • With pinchless hinges and a rotating seat 
  • Easy access tiller-mounted charger port for standard dual voltage off-board charger 
  • Battery x2: 35Ah
  • Charger Capacity: 3A
  • Max Speed: 8km/h
  • Max User Weight: 159kg
  • Optional Battery x2: 40Ah
  • Overall Length: 1190mm
  • Overall Width: 565mm
  • Product Weight: 93kg
  • Range: 40km
  • Seat Depth: 430mm
  • Seat Width: 460mm
  • Total Weight Without Battery: 63kg
  • Turning Radius: 1575mm

There are many thing to consider when choosing a mobility scooter. The six points to take into account below will assist in the process of choosing the right scooter based on your needs.

1. Are you looking for a mobility scooter for indoor or outdoor use? TIP: There are different outdoor and indoor models of mobility scooters available.

2. Are you looking for a mobility scooter for long distances travel? TIP: For long distance travels choose a scooter with a higher distance range. NOTICE: The distance range may vary with the weight, terrain type, battery type, battery condition, tyre condition and battery AMP/hour

3. Would you use it on sand, dirt, grovel or grass? TIP: Uneven surfaces are not recommended for smaller wheels.

4. Do you have a small living space? TIP: Always good to compare the space against the dimensions of the scooter. NOTICE: Most of the small mobility scooter can be dismantled or folded.

5. Do you have weight constraints? TIP: Lifts, cars and pathway bridges might not be able to carry the combined weight of the mobility scooter and user.

6. Are you going to carry any extra weight? TIP: Dogs, shopping bags, walkers,.. can slow down any mobility scooter.

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