Rovi X3 Power Chair Medium 16" - 20" [Pkg-Mc-Rovix3/tilt]


Product Specifications

  • Brand - Invacare
  • Model - ROVI X3
  • Size - Adult
  • Size - Medium
  • Style - Tilt
  • Swl - 136kg
  • Type - Scripted Equipment
  • Wheel-drive - Mid
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The complete solution. Narrowest wheelbase in the industry and all the function and durability.

  • Industry’s most modular system, the Ultra Low Maxx Seating System, featuring up to 55° of CG Tilt, 170° of Recline with Extended Shear Reduction (ESR) and up to 12” of nearly silent Power Seat Elevation
  • Available with the full range of Motion Concepts’ accessories and Invacare® Matrx® Seating products, mounted via our all new Ultra Rail and Ultra Track slotted interfaces
  • Up to 181kg weight capacity
  • Seat-to-Floor Heights as low as 17” with 12” of Power Seat Elevation 16” - 24” of seat width and 15” - 22” of seat depth adjustment
  • All powered seating functions can be operated either through or separate from the driver control.
    • Adjustable Rehab Tilt Seat
    • Recline Tilt/Recline
    • Also available - Tilt/Recline/Elevate, Elevate 12” and 6”.

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