Rosecup Clear With Silicone Soft Spout - Blue [Rcbwsssb]

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The Rosecup Clear With Silicone Soft Spout - Blue [Rcbwsssb] is an innovative dysphagia drinking cup, that can be a valuable drinking aid for those with swallowing challenges. This cup is ideally for those diagnosed with Dysphagia, by a Speech Pathologist and the attachments are specifically designed for the 3 different stages of Dysphagia. This volume control device can also provide the little extra support, for those unique challenges, when drinking and keeping hydrated.

The soft spout attachments are great to use in more advanced feeding and swallowing difficulties where some tongue action has been preserved. Sucking before swallowing might introduce benefits in efficiency and safety. The spouts ensure that only up to 3.5ml of liquid is released with every suck.

Green 0.5mm Hole  Mildly Thick
Purple 1.0mm Hole  Moderate Thick
Blue 2.0mm Hole  Extremely Thick
Dimension (L x W x H) 180 x 160 x 140 Millimetre
Weight 299 Gram

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