Replacement Part - Spex Standard Lateral Head Support Pad (S305703) [1275-0043-000]

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The Spex Standard Lateral Head Support Head Support Pad [Colour: 000 Black] [1275-0043-000], has been designed to meet moderate head positioning needs. It comprises a posterior head pad with suboccipital support to promote head positioning while the head rotates. A clever ear cut-out detail stays comfortable when resting at different positions on the pad.

Spex Head Support pads are constructed from an internal aluminium shell covered by an injection moulded polyurethane foam to ensure smooth and comfortable support surface. A soft memory foam overlay allows for pressure reduction even for clients with high tone patterns. The family of head support shapes have been geometrically and biomechanically designed to give greater support and stability for head positioning for wheelchair users. Along with the versatile Spex Stylo hardware, it’s possible to accommodate an extensive range of head positioning requirements.

Style Code Width (A) Depth (B) Height (C) Bottom
Thickness (D)
Thickness (E)
Edge Thickness
1275-0043-000 250mm 145mm 170mm 60mm 45mm Bottom edge (F): 60mm
Top Edge (G): 30mm

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