Pride Quantum Tru-Balance 3 Power Recline (Tb3Powerrecline)

TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems feature an innovative design that maximizes functional independence while providing an appealing look and feel. Available configurations include power tilt, power recline, 10” power adjustable seat lift, static seating, and manual recline.

Our qualified technicians are manufacturer trained and certified to provide service and repairs to a wide range of healthcare equipment. We also have a wide range of spare parts available for purchase.

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Product Specifications

  • Brand - Pride
  • Category - Seating System
  • Model - 4Front
  • Model - Q6 Edge 2.0
  • Model - Q6 Edge HD
  • Model - Q6 Edge Z
  • Model - TRU Balance3 Power
  • Style - Recline
  • Swl - 136kg
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