Power Chair Tdxsp2 [Tdxsp2]

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The elite TDX SP2 base needed a superior seating system to match which is where we introduce you to Ultra Low Maxx, our modular high end seating system with Extended Shear Reduction technology, that can be customised to fit you perfectly.

SureStep® suspension

The SureStep® suspension allows the castors to lower and extend or lift and retract when going over uneven terrain, guaranteeing a soft and smooth transition. Its superb level of traction and stability enables the powerchair to easily climb and descend kerbs, giving you a comfortable and stable drive.

Stability Lock

Stability Lock ensures all six wheels stay firmly on the ground when going over uneven terrain, keeping you in control. If your weight shifts forwards when going down a kerb, the in-built technology will lock the front suspension so the seat unit stays level and it will have less impact on trunk balance.

LiNX G-Trac® Technology

LiNX G-Trac ensures you stay on the right path. Gyroscopic technology detects and corrects the smallest deviations from the intended direction, reducing the number of corrective actions needed. Enhanced point to point driving accuracy reduces the demands required, especially for specialist controls.

Durawatt Motors

The 4-pole high torque DuraWatt motors (available in 6 or 10 km/h) give you power and speed for a consistent lifetime performance. A key feature of the motor is how quiet the chair is to drive, with a significantly quieter brake engagement.

Centre Wheel Drive Narrow Base

The TDX SP2 has a narrow base of only 650mm on the standard base, or 610mm on the TDX SP2 Narrow Base, making it ideal for using around your home, office or out and about. It is also a true centre wheel drive powerchair which enables features such as:

  • An exceptional manoeuvrability in compact spaces
  • An incredibly tight turning radius of only 560mm
  • A superb intuitive drive

Seat to floor heights as low as 440mm, allowing it to sit effortlessly under tables and desks, allowing you to focus on the task in hand.

Adaptive load compensation technology


Maintaining a consistent speed when driving over uneven terrain, camber or incline can be tricky and often tiring but intelligence within the LiNX system compensates for imbalances that may develop, enabling a consistent drive. It provides low speed control, to reduce castor lock on soft surfaces and assist with going through doorways or approaching tables, and creep control to improve hold on slopes.


There are a number of variables that may lead to imbalances within a power chair weight distribution, manufacturing tolerances, wear and tear, etc. These factors can sometimes lead to variances in how a powerchair drives. The Invacare LiNX control system's intelligence interprets, learns and adapts to these changes to ensure the drive of the powerchair is always optimised and well balanced over the lifetime of the chair.

Tailored drive experience

Changes can be made to the LiNX control system wirelessly and in real time to meet your exact requirements and ensure a comfortable drive experience you are confident with. Functions such as drive and turn speeds, including acceleration and deceleration, can be programed to your preference quickly and easily.

Personalised design

Your powerchair wouldn’t truly be yours without being able to choose the colour which is why the TDX SP2 comes with a choice of 10 attractive and contemporary colour shroud and rim insert options. The aesthetics of the chair have also been enhanced thanks to the black tyres, black rims and single sided fork option, making this a stylish, sleek and sophisticated powerchair to be truly proud of. Want a more personal touch? Don’t worry… our Unique service can create a powerchair to your exact requirements.

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