Pg R-Net Joystick Cjsm-Sw D51607 [860075]

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Pg R-Net Joystick Cjsm-Sw D51607 [860075] is a Joystick Module with jack sockets.

  • Ergonomic and stylish design
  • Easy-to-operate pushbuttons
  • Hi-resolution graphics color LCD
  • Large and clear screen icons
  • Two jack sockets as standard
  • On-Board Programming (OBP) option
  • With and without lighting control
  • Charging socket

Color LCD Joystick Modules provide a modern and highly aesthetic user display, which enhances the appearance of the whole powerchair. The size of the graphics on the screen have also been optimized to make them as large as possible to reflect the operating condition of the wheelchair. Any text displays are programmable, meaning the R-net System can be set-up to suit most local market requirements. Furthermore, the positions of the display and the buttons, as well as the operating forces for the buttons, are chosen to make the Joystick Module as user-friendly as possible. The joystick module is fitted as standard with two jack-sockets for external "Buddy" type buttons, as well as an industry-standard charging port.

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