Palm Protector With Wrist Support Series 3 Left [Pat-A812317]

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The Palm Protector With Wrist Support Series 3 Left [Pat-A812317] is indicated for use with mild to severe spasticity or contractures. The splint is not for use with severe arthritic deformities, or severely fluctuating edema, and should not be used over wounds and infected areas. The splint fastens with hook & loop closures for additional versatility and support.

  • Hook & loop closures
  • Foam palm pieces
  • Can be trimmed with scissors
  • Finger strap
  • Size - 3" Foam


  • Not for use in the presence of severe arthritic deformities
  • Not for use with severely fluctuating edema
  • Not for use over open wounds and infected areas

Note that the pile surface goes against the skin, with the felt surface facing out. Rolyan Progressive Palm Protector Splint

1. Place splint in hand to check fit. It should extend no more than 1 ⁄2" (1.3 cm) beyond sides of hand or finger tips. If necessary, mark splint for trimming (A).

2. Remove splint and trim with scissors. 3. Place finger separators on outside of splint and pull the three finger separators through slots in splint. Notches in finger separators should point toward wrist (B).

4. Attach foam palm piece to finger strap on volar surface of finger separators. If losing foam palm piece is a concern, use hot glue gun to attach it permanently to finger strap after achieving desired thumb positioning.

5. Put splint in position and check as follows:

—Check thumb hole for clearance. If necessary, cut hole larger.

—Check finger separators for proper fit. If they touch web spaces, trim them. If they are too far from finger web spaces, remove finger separators and cut slots in splint slightly longer.

6. Place splint onto hand and fasten wrist strap.

7. Finger strap can be wrapped to incorporate thumb and fingers, only fingers, or only thumb, as follows:

Thumb and fingers: Starting at thumb, wrap finger strap around volar surface of splint and over dorsal surface of fingers. Attach hook piece near thumb (C).

Only fingers: Wrap finger strap from index finger over dorsal surface of fingers and attach it to hook piece on strap at ulnar side of hand (D). Trim excess length of finger strap. Only thumb: Pull finger strap over thumb and around volar surface of splint and attach it to hook piece on strap at ulnar side of splint (E). Trim excess length of finger strap.

8. As degree of contractures or spasticity decreases, foam palm piece can be replaced with larger foam palm piece. Simply remove foam palm piece from finger strap and secure new one in its place.

  • The stay will lose its shape in temperatures over 135°F (57°C). It should be kept away from sources of heat such as ovens, hot water, open flames, and sunny car windows.
  • Remove foam palm piece, strap with finger separators, and stay if using the wrist support. Fasten hook-and-loop closures. Hand wash splint and strap with finger separators in lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Remove excess moisture with a towel and dry at room temperature. Be sure splint is completely dry before reapplying it.
  • Foam palm piece can be surface wiped, but it should not be immersed in water.
  • Wash and dry hand before splint application, and have splint off during mealtimes to reduce need for washing.

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