Ornamin Non Slip Cup Flower Blue/Yellow [8711]

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More than just a colourful design, these innovative Ornamin Non-Slip Cups are made from a special non-slip material to ensure a firm grip even when hands are damp or trembling. Available in a range of colour combinations, the contrasting designs help to orientate the hand to the middle of the cup. The Non-Slip Cup comes in two bright designs – a Flower or Measuring Icon design. The vibrant colours of the Flower design make it especially attractive to people suffering from visual or cognitive impairment, while the Measuring Icons make it especially easy to pour and record volume measurements. The measurement amount (in millilitres) is highlighted in the centre of each circle. Use with the Non-Drip Spouted Lid for added safety against spillage.

  • Package: 1 item
  • Diameter: 71 mm Weight: 42 g Volume: 220 ml Height: 100 mm

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