Oppo Knee Support Regular (Gst) [Opp1125]

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Oppo Knee Support Universal (Gst) [Opp1125] is ideal to relief from chronic pain, swelling or injuries due to mild or moderate forms of Arthritis, damaged kneecap (patella) cartilage, tendonitis and bursitis. Very convenient to wear if limited by back, arm or leg movement.

Dimensions Ideal for Knee Size (Circumference): 318 mm to 406 mm
Open Patella Circle: 45 mm (Diameter) Padded Donut: 55 mm
Wrap Width: 142 mm
Wrap Length (Unstretched): 715 mm
(Stretched): 880 mm approx
Weight/ Volume 98 g approx.
Technical Materials: 70% Neoprene Rubber, 15% Stretch Nylon, 15% COOLMAX® (Polyester)

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