Natural Lupin Heat Wrap Neck And Shoulder [A150517000] (Gst)

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Natural Lupin Heat Wrap Neck And Shoulder [A150517000] is specially designed to tackle hip pain and back pain utilising the natural power of heat therapy. Lower back pain and hip pain can be crippling and debilitating at the best of times. Moreover, back pain can be stubborn and last for days at a time.

The all natural alternative to relieve aches and pains

  • Quick microwave for easy heating.
  • Freeze and use as a cold pack.
  • Suitable for all parts of the body. 
  • No odour.
  • 100% natural cotton corduroy cover.
  • 30% lighter than a comparable standard wheat bag.
  • Handmade in Australia from 100% natural Australian lupins.
  • Allergy and odour free.
  • Not treated with chemicals or fungicides.
  • A better heat retainer than traditional wheat bag / heat packs.
  • This unique lower back heat wrap will easily fit and shape to the contour of the lower back.
  • The adjustable belt allows the segmented lupins pack to be easily held against the back for long periods.  
  • Hands free relief without interrupting daily commitments.
  • One simple size fits all. 

This lupin neck and shoulder heat wrap heating pad will assist to soothe neck and shoulder pain, muscular stress and mastitis

This lupin pillow shoulder wrap provides warm therapeutic comfort for your muscles, and is great for those travelling and those who spend long days and nights in the office chair in front of the computer! It sits so comfortably you won’t even notice you are wearing it. Not to mention that natural lupin is 30% lighter than wheat found in typical heat wheat bags.

The Neck and Shoulder Lupin Heat Wrap is purposely designed to target neck and shoulder pain. Harboring the circulatory benefits of natural heat therapy, the heat pack wrap is perfect for relieving debilitating neck pain and shoulder pain caused by muscle injuries and general soreness brought on by sleeping incorrectly or sitting at the office on the computer all day. One convenient size fits all.

Totally Natural healing: Lupins are widely regarded as a \"low allergy\" alternative to wheat

The natural Lupin heat bags with gentle penetrating heat or cold therapy go deep into the muscles to help nature with the act of healing. By simply warming in the microwave or chilling in the freezer, the natural lupins will assist to sooth aches, pains, stress and hot flushes. 

Totally Natural healing: Lupins are widely regarded as a “low allergy” alternative to wheat bags and are more resistant to moisture (making cleaning easier) and less weight for more comfort. 

Handmade in Australia from Australian grown Lupins, Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG) number 106788. The fabric is 100% natural cotton corduroy.

Sponge your lupin bag lightly with luke-warm water to remove surface marks, being careful not to saturate product. Hang up to dry as soon as possible. When cover is dry, rub lupin bag briskly between your hands to ensure grains are dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Do not immerse in water.

Cover 100% cotton
Inner 100% Australian grown lupin
Weight 1.05kg
Width 45cm
Depth 30cm
Cut out portion for neck 15cm x 15cm

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