Motomed Stativ - Arm Trainer [Mo 231]

Users who want to do a specific arm-/upper body training only, the MOTOmed viva2 stativ is the most suitable device of the MOTOmed family. The arm- and upper body training strengthens especially the arm-, upper body- and shoulder musculature and strengthens the auxiliary respiratory muscles.

Training and motivation games and different therapy programs will help to enhance your concentration and coordination. A detailed training analysis and the option to save the data with chip card and sam2 (accessories) complement the various fields of application of the MOTOmed viva2 stativ.

Users navigate intuitively through the MOTOmed colour display (display diagonal 5,7 inch), because every possible operating step is displayed in “green”. Tactile (slightly increased), large keys ensure easy operation. The large display of the training allows for a good legibility.

  • Arm/upper body trainer
  • safety foot shells
  • pedal radius adjustment, double-stage (7.0 cm or 12.5 cm)
  • handlebar
  • mobile with big castors (13 cm diameter)
  • all-metal construction, premium and stable
  • additional stability by telescopic front stand
  • MOTOmed SmoothDriveSystem with a gentle startup and rundown
  • MovementProtector & SpasmControl
  • speed regulation from 0 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • regulation of motor power from 1 to 10
  • preset a therapy duration from 0 to 120 minutes
  • automatic device self test
  • big, user-friendly operating panel
  • language selection between 27 different languages


In case of spasticity, muscle cramping or any sort of movement blockage, the MOTOmed MovementProtector will stop the pedal movement. Special characteristic about this safety feature: The MovementProtector does not remain in a constant mode but adjusts to the changing muscle tension. Therefore, it is always optimally sensitive.


A movement similar to a power bicycle or a power steered vehicle is used to support the child during active training with the ServoCycling feature. This enables even those children with minimal muscle strength to train actively without much stain. The feature supports the maintenance and build-up of residual muscle strength.


The MOTOmed symmetry function presents the activity of each individual leg when ''pushing''. With the real time biofeedback display your child can continuously correct the input and target the ''weak'' side. One-sided deficiencies such as hemiplegia can be treated specifically. The direct feedback from the big color display and the consistent repetitive training supports the relearning of movement patterns and can lead to speed up in recovery and therapy success.

Training analysis

The training data analysis will motivate you to engage in a regular MOTOmed movement. You can view all the important training values (e.g. symmetry, performance, speed, distance and time) during the entire training session on the MOTOmed color display. With the completion of the training, the overview of all all the available 36 values is displayed. The MOTOmed viva2 stores the ''previous training '' along with other training data that is compiled in a overall analysis. These values can be retrieved at any time.

item no. 562.000 hand fixation with wrist cuff
  • simple and quick fastening of weak or paralyzed hands by various handles
item no. 556.006 forearm shell with arm cuff
  • for paralyzed arms and hands
  • ergonomically designed with soft padding
  • to fasten and guide the arms
  • the handle is adjustable in length and angle
item no. 555.000 Tetra handles
  • enables training in physiologic, vertical O-position
  • flexibly adjustable arm support
item no. 557.000 Vertical hand grip with hand rest
  • for users who are capable of grasping
  • enables training in physiologic, vertical O-position
item no. 100.000 Wheelchair stabilizer
  • recommended with strong spasticity
  • supports the wheelchair, no tilting or sliding backwards
  • for all common wheelchairs
  • with padded covering for the wheelchair grips
item no. 508.000 Therapy chair
  • stable chair with 4 big castors
  • central brake lever for simple locking
  • pneumatic spring support for height adjustment of seating position (48-62 cm / 18.9-24.4 in.)
  • maximum body weight 160 kg / 353 lbs
item no. 230.000 Training Analysis Program MOTOmed sam2

The complete package (hard- und software) consits of:

  1. software for MOTOmed sam2
    item no. 206.000
  2. chip card reader
    item no. 203.000
  3. two chip cards for leg and arm/upper body training
    item no. 204.000
  4. chip card reader for your PC
    item no. 205.010
item no. 275.000 (with ear clip), 276.000 (with chest belt) Pulse-controlled resistance level
  • automatically regulates the resistance level up and down
  • no over or under straining
  • Automatic safety shutdown: If the heart rate is over 160 beats per minute for more than 15 seconds, the MOTOmed shuts down automatically.
item no. 203.000 Chip card reader in the operating panel
  • saves training data to the chip card
  • reads individual training programs and MOTOmed control parameters from chip card
item no. 204.000 Chipkarte item no. 214.000 Serial interface RS232
  • serial interface in the MOTOmed operating panel
  • for connecting a FES device

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