Motomed Parkinson's Leg Trainer [Mo 200.008]

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"Forced Exercise“ – movement speed up to 90 U/min

On basis of recent findings from Parkinson’s research, RECK medical devices developed, together with a group of scientist from the US, the MOTOmed movement therapy for Parkinson’s patients. The employment of special components enables motor supported leg movement, similar to normal cycling with up to 90 U/min. This way, the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson enables the application of the new therapy method “Forced Exercise”.

Fast forced and supported movements may help to reduce tremor (contracting muscles), improve walking ability and to conduct normal movements with more purpose. An individually adapted training program ensures effective and simple training sessions. Parkinson’s patients can use the Parkinson’s therapy “Forced Exercise” easily and daily at home.

Besides as leg trainer, the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson is also available as leg- and arm/ upper body trainer. The MOTOmed arm-/upper body trainer can be swiveled in and out of the training area. The arm/upper body training strengthens the arm, upper body and shoulder muscles and reinforces the auxiliary respiratory muscles.

The MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson is serially equipped with a chip card reader which is the necessary precondition needed to integrate the sam2 training analysis program. This special program provides the possibility to store and analyze the training data for a longer period of time.

Users navigate intuitively through the MOTOmed colour display (display diagonal 5,7 inch), because every possible operating step is displayed in “green”. Tactile (slightly increased), large keys ensure easy operation. The large display of the training allows for a good legibility.

Dimensions [leg arm/upper body trainer] (l × w × h cm) 61-87 × 59 × 105-117
Dimensions [leg trainer] (l × w × h cm) 60-66 × 59 × 96-106
Weight [leg/arm trainer] 41 kg
Weight [leg trainer] 31 kg
Classification Protection Class II/Type BF,
Classification according to MPG IIA
Maximum permissible user weight 90 kg
Screen Size 5.7\"

Foot insertion aid

In order to easily insert and fasten the feet of your child into the safety foot shells you can position the pedals into a desired position with the push of a button on the control panel. This function eases the removal of out of the foot shells after the training has been completed.


In case of spasticity, muscle cramping or any sort of movement blockage, the MOTOmed MovementProtector will stop the pedal movement. Special characteristic about this safety feature: The MovementProtector does not remain in a constant mode but adjusts to the changing muscle tension. Therefore, it is always optimally sensitive.


A movement similar to a power bicycle or a power steered vehicle is used to support the child during active training with the ServoCycling feature. This enables even those children with minimal muscle strength to train actively without much stain. The feature supports the maintenance and build-up of residual muscle strength.


The MOTOmed symmetry function presents the activity of each individual leg when ''pushing''. With the real time biofeedback display your child can continuously correct the input and target the ''weak'' side. One-sided deficiencies such as hemiplegia can be treated specifically. The direct feedback from the big color display and the consistent repetitive training supports the relearning of movement patterns and can lead to speed up in recovery and therapy success.

Training analysis

The training data analysis will motivate you to engage in a regular MOTOmed movement. You can view all the important training values (e.g. symmetry, performance, speed, distance and time) during the entire training session on the MOTOmed color display. With the completion of the training, the overview of all all the available 36 values is displayed. The MOTOmed viva2 stores the ''previous training '' along with other training data that is compiled in a overall analysis. These values can be retrieved at any time.

item no. 152.000

plastic coated safety foot shells

  • recommended for facility use
  • stable metal foot shell, coated with soft-PVC for infection control
  • foot fixation by soft Velcro straps

item no. 303.000

Leg guides with calf shells

  • safe hold and secure guidance of the legs
  • padded calf shells
  • fixation by soft Velcro straps
  • flexibly mounted and adjustable in length (9 cm to 16 cm)
  • removable calf shells, retractable lower joint bar

item no. 506.000

Self-operating foot holders

  • for a quick and independent insertion and removal of the feet
  • soft foam rollers prevent from pressure marks at the feet
  • secure hold, even with strong spasticity

item no. 507.000

Pedal radius quick adjustment

  • exact adjustment of the pedal radius
  • adjustable in 4 levels
    (5.0/7.5/10.0/12.5 cm) or stageless
  • recommended for patients with limited flexibility of the hip and/or knee joints

item no. 251.000

Arm/upper body trainer passive and active (90 r.p.m.)

  • passive movement up to 90 r.p.m. (forced exercise)
  • active training of the arms, shoulders, and back muscles
  • can be pivoted in and out of the training area
  • height adjustable, pedal radius of 10 cm/3.9 in.
  • incl. SymmetryTraining, 4-segment coordination program, motivational programs

item no. 562.000

hand fixation with wrist cuff

  • simple and quick fastening of weak or paralyzed hands by various handles

item no. 556.006

forearm shell with arm cuff

  • for paralyzed arms and hands
  • ergonomically designed with soft padding
  • to fasten and guide the arms
  • the handle is adjustable in length and angle

item no. 555.000

Tetra handles

  • enables training in physiologic, vertical O-position
  • flexibly adjustable arm support

item no. 557.000

Vertical hand grip with hand rest

  • for users who are capable of grasping
  • enables training in physiologic, vertical O-position

item no. 100.000

Wheelchair stabilizer

  • recommended with strong spasticity
  • supports the wheelchair, no tilting or sliding backwards
  • for all common wheelchairs
  • with padded covering for the wheelchair grips

item no. 536.000

Height adjustment (7 to 15 cm)

  • the pedal axle can be adjusted in height
  • for persons with short legs
  • easy positioning for sport and power wheelchairs as well as for wheelchairs with rigid foot plates

item no. 536.000

Height adjustment (7 to 15 cm)

  • the pedal axle can be adjusted in height
  • for persons with short legs
  • easy positioning for sport and power wheelchairs as well as for wheelchairs with rigid foot plates

item no. 534.000

Ankle joint control with fix bar scale

  • supports the ankle joint movement for activation of the calf muscle pump
  • supports the building of collateral circulation
  • improves blood circulation
  • reduces edema

item no. 508.000

Therapy chair

  • stable chair with 4 big castors
  • central brake lever for simple locking
  • pneumatic spring support for height adjustment of seating position (48-62 cm / 18.9-24.4 in.)
  • maximum body weight 160 kg / 353 lbs

item no. 275.000 (with ear clip), 276.000 (with chest belt)

Pulse-controlled resistance level

  • automatically regulates the resistance level up and down
  • no over or under straining
  • Automatic safety shutdown: If the heart rate is over 160 beats per minute for more than 15 seconds, the MOTOmed shuts down automatically.

item no. 214.000

Serial interface RS232

  • serial interface in the MOTOmed operating panel
  • for connecting a FES device

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