Molift Rgosling Highback Padded M [1720230]

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The Molift Rgo Slings are ergonomically designed for making hoisting comfortable for both the user and the carer, whilst aiming to retain the safety and dignity of the user during transfers. The anatomically designed back, leg parts and built-in padding system are clear evidence of the Scandinavian design of these slings. The Rgo Sling is easy to use with it's sliding loops and positioning straps, as well as clear, useful information.

Recommended User Weight

  • XXS - 12–17
  • XS - 17–25
  • S - 25–50
  • M - 45–95
  • L - 90–160
  • XL - 160–240
  • XXL - 230–300

(Price may vary depending on size and type)

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