Minimaxx 61Cm Xxl Rehab [0100-061-000]


The XXL-Rehab Minimaxx folds up easily and is easy to bring along. The folding system is very easy to activate, and gives at the same time great support to the seat. The design of the folding system makes the chair rigid – when unfolded the chair is also much more stable than normal foldable chairs.

STW (Stiffness To Weight) was our goal. We used very light tubing technology as used on high end MTB and road bikes. This Minimaxx only weighs approx. 9% of its weight capacity and still provides a smooth drive thanks to the rigid folding system and light tubing.

The XXL-Rehab Minimaxx drives very well due to the position of the rear and front wheels. It is designed so the rear wheels carry most of the user’s weight making it much easier for the user to push. The castor wheels arTe further in front as on standard chairs. This prevents the chair from tipping.

The low seat height makes it easy to access the chair and still propel it.

The push handles are designed so the attendant can easily use his/her body to turn and push the chair. The padded handles are at an angle that puts as little strain to the wrists and shoulders as possible.

The XXL-Rehab Minimaxx has disc brakes as an additional option. Little effort is required to brake the chair even with a full load. To the disc brake is also added a parking brake and the chair also has a wheels lock. Another option is the butterfly armrests. Butterfly armrests add more than 10 cm to the seating width.

The footrests are designed to carry 100 kg each! The footrests are also side/width adjustable. This enables users with legs aligned or with a wide leg spread to use the chair.

The very long armrests make it easy for the user to get in and out of the chair.


  • Floor To Seat Height: 430mm
  • Overall Height: 1030mm
  • Overall Length: 700mm
  • Product Weight: 27kg

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Product Specifications

  • Approved-by - DVA
  • Approved-by - MASS
  • Back-height - 51cm
  • Bariatric - Yes
  • Brand - XXL REHAB
  • Colour - Silver
  • Seat-depth - 46cm
  • Seat-width - 61cm
  • Size - 24 X 18
  • Style - Self Propel
  • Swl - 325kg
  • Weight - 27kg
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