Metron Putty Yellow Soft 454G (Gst) [Dep-Metput1Yel]

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Metron Putty Yellow Soft 454G (Gst) [Dep-Metput1Yel] works to strengthen your hands and can help prevent future hand and wrist problems.

  • It is also perfect for hand grip exercises, stress relief exercises, wrist exercises, and upper arm exercises.
  • It is superior to squeezy balls, hand weights, hand springs, or any other exercise/stress relief product. 
  • It’s fun and can be done virtually anywhere. 
  • Therapeutic putty comes in a range of colour coded putty offering a complete range of resistance levels required for hand exercise programmes. 
There are five different resistances ranging from extra soft to extra firm. You can also mix the different putty together to make a wider variety of resistances.
 Tan X-Soft 
 Yellow Soft
 Red Medium 
 Green Firm 
 Blue X-Firm 

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