Metron Ausband Exercise Band 4Ft Lengh Black [Tha-Metband4Blk]


Product Specifications

  • Approved-by - DVA
  • Brand - Metron
  • Colour - Black
  • Type - X
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Metron Ausbands are used in the rehabilitation and strengthening of joints in the musculature system. Metron Ausbands can be used with ROM exercises to provide resistance and a resultant increase in strength. Use of Metron Ausbands can be throughout the rehabilitation process as it comes in varying grades of resistance, ranging from easy to super heavy. The resistance is marked by colour of the band, light colours = light resistance, and dark colours = heavy resistance. A typical program will include:
  • Inversion
  • Eversion
  • Plantarflexion
  • Dorsiflexion
A typical session will involve 3 - 5 sets of 15 repetitions. Sessions should only progress at the tolerance of the patient. If swelling or pain increases, step down the reps/sets/resistance. Features:
  • Steady 30% increase from colour to colour
  • Available in 6 colour coded resistances, providing a wide range of treatments
  • 99.9% latex allergen free
  • Made under the international quality standard ISO 9002
  • Length: 1.2m
Resistance Levels:
COLOUR      WEIGHT        
 Tan  X Light
 Yellow  Light
 Red  Medium
 Green  Firm
 Blue  X Firm
 Black  XX Firm
 Silver  XXX Firm

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