Mattress Mss Softform Premier Maxiglide Single (S164) [Spgm197/88]

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Designed to conform to electric profiling beds, this mattress not only provides exceptional pressure reduction and patient comfort but its patented design allows the top surface supporting the patient to remain in position when profiling. This significantly reduces the potential for shear and friction against patient tissue.


  • Mattress does not require turning reducing manual handling issues
  • Deep contoured insert pad for enhanced pressure area care
  • and more.

SWL 247.6kg

SPGM190/88 1900mm 880mm 152mm
SPGM197/88* 1970mm 880mm 152mm
SPGM197/107 1970mm 1070mm 152mm

 **Also available with an evacuation strap (SPGME197/88)

Unique Features - Benefits

  • Patented Glide system allows mattress to fully conform to the bed frame - Optimises the properties of a profiling bed
  • Top surface remains under patient throughout profiling of an electric bed -Significantly reduces shear and friction forces, most particularly on the heel areas which are especially vulnerable to pressure ulcer development
  • Cover fabric conforms to deep contoured foam castellations on upper surface of the insert pad when mattress is profiled - Minimizes rucking of cover fabric on top surface, reducing potential for tissue damage
  • Does not require turning or rotating - Significantly reduces manual handling issues and helps to facilitate staff management resources
  • Two-way stretch PU waterproof cover - Provides excellent recovery and durability
  • High frequency welded seams - Reduces risk of fluid ingress and positively contributes to infection control
  • Full length flap conceals the zip - Reduces possible fluid ingress through the zip
  • Toughened PU coated base - Prolongs longevity of the mattress and reduces the risk of strike through, hydrolysis and delamination
  • Deep contoured insert pad for enhanced pressure area care - Maximise body contact area and optimises pressure reduction
  • Single piece foam “U” core - Facilitates patient transfer by providing effective side-wall support
  • Does not impede CPR procedures - Clinically assessed to ensure this does not occur
  • Double-coated PU sides - Reduces potential for physical damage
  • Optional Evacuation Straps - Provides extra safety for the patient and carer in case of an emergency
  • Water penetration resistance 35 k - Pa minimum (BS 3424: part 26). 35 kPa minimum after 20,000 cycles Martindale Abrasion Test EN ISO 5470-2

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