Limbo Adult Full Arm Injury Waterproof Protector M60L [Loafam60L]

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The M60L will fit an arm circumference between 25-29cm above the top of the cast.

Waterproof protector for adults with casts or dressings covering the whole arm. This LimbO protector will seal just above the top of the cast and can be fully submerged.

  • Bathe, shower or swim with confidence
  • Keeps your wounds or plasters dry
  • Reusable
Package Quantity 1
Package Type Single

Seal Material

Closed cell neoprene with bonded nylon fabric outer layer for additional strength.
Latex free.

Garment Sheet Material

Three layer calendered PVC/Nylon/PVC, flame resistant grade.
Latex free.

Internal Reinforcement Material

Nylon thread mesh.


All seams are welded, i.e. without adhesives.

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