Limbo Adult Below Elbow Injury Waterproof M50A [Loabem50A]

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The Limbo M50a is a waterproof protector for adults with casts or dressings below the elbow. It will fit an arm circumference between 22-25cm (above the elbow).

  • Bathe, shower or swim with confidence
  • Keeps your wounds or plasters dry
  • Reusable
Package Quantity 1
Package Type Single

Seal Material

Closed cell neoprene with bonded nylon fabric outer layer for additional strength.
Latex free.

Garment Sheet Material

Three layer calendered PVC/Nylon/PVC, flame resistant grade.
Latex free.

Internal Reinforcement Material

Nylon thread mesh.


All seams are welded, i.e. without adhesives.

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