Lift Chair Air Comfort Compact Dual Motor Medium Carrex [Ac59065]


Product Specifications

  • Approved-by - DVA
  • Brand - Airchair
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Available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium and Large


Total surface air pressure system
Removable seat and back cushions
Electric lift and recline mechanism
100mm front & rear castors
Rear locking castor
Wall Saver mechanism
Wooden hand knuckles
Chargeable battery
Proven pressure relief for long-term seating
Assisted sitting, lifting, and reclining
Easy to operate and manoeuvre the client while they are seated in the chair
Easy to clean
Easy to repair and maintain
Maximum User Weight (All Sizes): 140kg

Product code AC59098 – Single Motor
Product code AC59100 – Twin Motor
Exterior: Height – 1060mm, Width – 750mm
Interior: Back Height – 680mm, Seat Depth – 440mm, Seat Width – 500mm, Seat Height – 480mm

Product code AC59087 – Single Motor
Product code AC59090 – Twin Motor
Exterior: Height – 1060mm, Width – 750mm
Interior: Back Height – 740mm, Seat Depth – 510mm, Seat Width – 500mm, Seat Height – 520mm

Product code AC59099 – Single Motor
Product code AC59101 – Twin Motor
Exterior: Height – 1060mm, Width – 820mm
Interior: Back Height – 800mm, Seat Depth – 510mm, Seat Width – 600mm, Seat Height – 520mm

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Buying a recliner/ lift chair may seem simple, however there are a few points to take into account when selecting the right one. See below some of the points to consider:
1. Position - will the user of the recliner/ lift chair require electric or manual functions? Will the user require just a standard recline, full recline, or any lift function?
2. Size - Size is very important! The chosen recliner/ lift chair needs to fit the users body. By not measuring properly the user can end up using a chair that the seat is too deep and the legs won't touch the floor when sitting upright resulting in possible fall injuries and more. Choosing a too small model can cause lower back issues.
3. Safe work limit - It is important to find a recliner/ lift chair that can hold the user's weight.
4. Fabric - If the user sweats a lot leather covers aren't recommended. We have a wide range of options to better suit the user. Including covers that would suit incontinence issues.
5. Area - Is the place too small for a lift/ recliner chair? Would the lift/ recliner chair be placed against the wall? We have alternative models that can suit the area where the recliner/ lift chair will be placed.
6. Special Features - Does the user require any special features? Adjustable headrest? Adjustable lumbar support?

WARNING! - All products must be applied through the standard DVA process. This range is only available as a reminder on what is available on the contract. Please contact our friendly team for assistance.

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