Letto2 Leg And Arm Motomed [Mo 279.008]


MOTOmed letto2 legs/arms

For early mobilization and in the intensive care

As an activating leg-and arm-/ upper body training RECK Medizintechnik developed the motor-assisted bed model MOTOmed letto2 legs/arms. Due to its pivoted bracket, the letto2 leg/arm can be positioned to the left or the right side of the bed. It can also be situated at the foot part of the bed. This makes movement therapy possible despite of special limitations.

The letto2 leg/arm is standard equipped with a hydraulic height adjustment and a manual knee bending adjustment. The features make the handling in the daily care more flexible and easy. 

Usability – simple operation

Users navigate intuitively the colour display (display diagonal 5,7 inch) at the MOTOmed, because each next possible operating step is lightened in “green”. Tactile (small increased), large keys make the operation more easily. The large representation of the training information ensures a well legibility. 


  • Leg trainer (Optional: arm/upper body trainer)
  • The pivot horizontal arm for the training from three different sides of the bed --> possible leg or arm training
  • Foot shells and handles with quick release system for an easy switch between leg and arm training
  • Storage bracket for accessory parts directly on the device
  • Pedal radius 7.0 cm
  • big handlebar for an easy slide and positioning
  • Chassis with floor fixation --> stable module with no physical or mechanical connection to the bed
  • big castors
  • hydraulic height adjustment
  • knee adjustment (with crank-handle)
  • rotating operating panel
  • MOTOmed SmoothDriveSystem with a gentle startup and rundown
  • MovementProtector & SpasmControl
  • speed regulation from 0 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • regulation of motor power from 1 to 10
  • preset a therapy duration from 0 to 120 minutes
  • automatic device self test
  • big, user-friendly operating panel; color code system and big, easy-feel buttons
  • language selection between 27 different languages


  • Dimensions (l × w × h cm) 118-141 × 70-100 × 125-155
  • Weight 84 kg
  • All-Metal construction
  • Classification Protection Class II/Type BF,
  • Classification according to MPG IIA
  • Maximum permissible user weight 135 kg
  • Screen Size 5.7"


Foot insertion aid

In order to easily insert and fasten the feet into the safety foot shells you can position the pedals into the desired position by pushing the respective button on the control panel. This function also facilitates the removal of the feet from the foot shells at the end of each training session.


    In case of spasticity, muscle cramping or any sort of movement blockage, the MOTOmed MovementProtector will stop the pedal movement. Special characteristic about this safety feature: The MovementProtector does not remain in a constant mode but adjusts to the changing muscle tension. Therefore, it is always optimally sensitive.


    Similar to a power steered vehicle, the MOTOmed feature ServoCycling supports the user during active training. This function enables, even people with minimal muscle strength, to train actively without overs training. The feature supports the maintenance and improvement of residual muscle strength.


    The MOTOmed function SymmetryTraining is beneficial when aiming to targetedly train the weaker side of the body. Depending on the model, the depiction of this function may vary. In MOTOmed viva2 models, a two-scale diagram shows the user how much strength they exert with the left and the right body half. The MOTOmed muvi depicts this function with an animated figure. This way the user can target train the weaker side. SymmetryTraining also counteracts over training of healthy limbs. 

    Training analysis

    The training data analysis will motivate you to engage in a regular MOTOmed movement. You can view all important training values (e.g. symmetry, performance, speed, distance and time) during the entire training session on the MOTOmed color display. With the completion of the training, the overview of all available 36 values is displayed. The MOTOmed viva2 stores the ''previous training '' along with other training data that is compiled in an overall analysis. These values can be retrieved any time.


    item no. 562.000

    hand fixation with wrist cuff
    • simple and quick fastening of weak or paralyzed hands by various handles
    item no. 275.000 (with ear clip), 276.000 (with chest belt)
    Pulse-controlled resistance level
    • automatically regulates the resistance level up and down
    • no over or under straining
    • Automatic safety shutdown: If the heart rate is over 160 beats per minute for more than 15 seconds, the MOTOmed shuts down automatically.
    item no. 230.000
    Training Analysis Program MOTOmed sam2

    The complete package (hard- und software) consits of:

    1. software for MOTOmed sam2
      item no. 206.000
    2. chip card reader
      item no. 203.000
    3. two chip cards for leg and arm/upper body training
      item no. 204.000
    4. chip card reader for your PC
      item no. 205.010
    item no. 203.000
    Chip card reader in the operating panel
    • saves training data to the chip card
    • reads individual training programs and MOTOmed control parameters from chip card
    item no. 204.000
    item no. 214.000
    Serial interface RS232
    • serial interface in the MOTOmed operating panel
    • for connecting a FES device
    item no. 556.206
    Forearm shells with arm cuffs and quick release system (pair)

    firmly fasten and guide the arms, suitable for strong paralysis

    item no. 168.000

    Leg guides "TrainCare comfort" with adjustable knee protection (pair)
    • holds and guides the legs safely
    • prevents the knee joints from overstretching and blocking
    • individual adjustment of the range of knee bending for both sides
    • with plastic coated calf shells and disinfectable expanders
    item no. 160.000
    Expandable chassis
    • easy and quick positioning in front of the dialysis chair or hospital bed
    • the chassis width can be adjusted with a lever from 45 to 80 cm / 17.7 / 31.5 in.
    • suitable for all common chairs and bed models

      Cannot be retrofitted.
    item no. 184.000
    Leg guides "TrainCare komfort" with adjustable knee protection (pair) with disinfectable straps
    • polyurethane-made straps, width 5 cm / 2 in.
    • for simple and effective cleaning and disinfecting
    • in accordance with high hygiene standards
    item no. 183.000
    Plastic-coated safety foot shells with 5 degree external rotation and disinfectable fixation straps (pair, incl. pedal cranks)
    • plastic-coated safety foot shells with integrated ball knob for securing the fixation straps
    • polyurethane-made straps, width 5 cm /2 in.
    • simple and effective cleaning and disinfecting
    • in accordance with high hygiene standards
    item no. 173.000
    Hydraulic height adjustment
    • allows for comfortable height adjustment of the unit, adjustable without any efforts by the nursing staff
    • hydraulic system with foot pedal
    • enables a fine regulation according to the individual training situation
      Cannot be retrofitted.
    item no. 166.000
    Extended pivot arm for operating panel
    • recommended for patients who are able to operate the menu independently
    • increases patient motivation and activity by providing continuous feedback during training and data analysis at the end of each training session
    • incl. large castors and locking against over expansion of the pivot arm
      Instead of the standard, rotatable holder for the control unit (replaces the patient switch included in the basic equipment).
    item no. 149.000
    Ankle joint control with fix bar scale (pair)
    • for a detailed bar scale adjustment of the ankle joint movement (dorsal and plantar flexion)
    • left and rigt leg options are independently and individually settable
    • prevention and treatment of edema
    • recomended for prevention of talipes equinus (drop foot) and thrombosis
    • high circulation stimulation through the calf muscle pump

    Only available in combination with TrainCare comfort item no. 168.000

    Product Specifications

    • Brand - Motomed
    • Condition - After Stroke Care
    • Condition - Spinal Cord Injury
    • Model - Letto2 Leg/Arm
    • Swl - 135kg
    • Type - Scripted Equipment
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