Jobst Ultra Sheer Thigh X-Large C/t Beige 15-20

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Outstanding sheerness

The unparalleled sheerness provides an elegant and stylish appearance for better patient concordance.

Advanced knitting structure

Thanks to double covered yarn, the reinforced heel zone and the high elasticity of the fabric, JOBST UltraSheer is extremely durable and suitable for long-term use.

Comfortable satin-touch yarn

JOBST Advanced Comfort combines fine yarns together with a unique finish to create added softness and superior moisture management.

Effective moisture management is facilitated by several fabric properties:

1 Spread of moisture: The larger the areas the moisture covers, the faster it can evaporate.

2 Speed of spread: the faster the moisture spreads to the maximum areas, the faster it can evaporate. Moisture is less likely to get trapped against the skin, keeping skin cooler and more comfortable.


JOSBT UltraSheer is available in four different styles to suit specific customer needs including a maternity style option with a panty specially designed to accommodate the extra space needed during pregnancy.

The Think Mobility qualified repair technicians are manufacturer trained and certified to provide service and repairs to a wide range of healthcare and mobility equipment.

We also have a wide range of spare parts available for purchase.

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