Jar Opener Jarkey De3703 [Ils270.10]

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Jar Opener Jarkey De3703 [Ils270.10] opens even the stiffest of sealed screw-top jars really easily using this failsafe jar opening tool.
So effective that even the most tightly sealed jars can be opened using only one hand, they’re ideal for anyone with wrist problems and will save a whole lot of struggling when it comes to shifting stubborn screw-top lids without resorting to brute force.

How it Works:

A little like opening a beer bottle, just pop the device onto the lid of the jar so that it grips under the rim; give it a quick flick and the vacuum seal is broken allowing you to effortlessly loosen and remove the lid every time.

Small enough to fit in a drawer, the Jarkey a must-have item for every kitchen.


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