Immedia Onewayglide Non-Slip Medium [Im38/8]

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The Etac OneWayGlide is a specialised fabric device that allows sliding easily in one direction whilst resisting sliding in the other direction. It facilitates independent or assisted positioning whilst helping to prevent the user from sliding forward in the chair.

The OneWayGlide Non-Slip is a fabric tube with unique one way glide inner surface and non-slip outer surface that grips to any surface. Can be combined with a cotton cover.

  •  Safe Work Load : 150 kg

Intended use

The Immedia OneWayGlide is used for positioning in chair,  wheelchair etc.

  1. Using the Immedia OneWayGlide eases repositioning when the user slides forward in the wheelchair.
  2. To move backwards in the wheelchair the user must lean forward, hold the armrest and push towards the backrest using her arms and, if possible, legs.
  3. When the user is upright again, the unique design of the Immedia OneWayGlide will prevent the user from sliding out of the chair.

B Grade
Products are suited for use in medium to high risk care applications. Features typically include excellent pressure redistribution capabilities and therapeutic benefits; comprehensive infection control features; fully featured functionality and improved comfort; easy cleaning and maintenance. Usually suited to patients with limited mobility or cognitive ability, and/or medium clinical need and carer dependence.


Top: Antislip
Padding: Polyester
Inside: Nylon
Glide material: Polyester
Velour model, top: Nylon


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