Hoist Oxford Presence [Hf2031]

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The Oxford® Presence is a heavy-duty mobile patient lift, competent enough to handle almost any patient-handling task. Its incredible lifting range ensures it can cope easily with the most critical of transfers, from the floor to high level surfaces.

  • Safe working load 227kg / 35st / 500lbs
  • Outstanding lifting range (440mm – 1910mm)
  • SmartTM Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Interchangeable spreader bar and cradle options
  • Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points
  • Powered leg positioning for excellent access around furniture
  • Low leg model available especially suited to low bed frames
  • Powered cradle and digital weigh-scale options

Outstanding lifting range

Whether from the floor or onto a high surface the Presence has an astonishing range of movement. The minimum height with the 6-point spreader bar is just 440mm, which ensures excellent off the floor transfers. Conversely, if you wish to access high nursing surfaces the Presence will lift up to 1910mm. This is especially useful where you have variable height beds or special lift mattresses.
The Presence’s incredible lifting range ensures it can cope easily with the most critical of transfers. Examples include:
  • Chair to chair transfers
  • Bed to chair transfers
  • Floor to chair transfers
  • Chair to bath transfers

Smart™ Monitor

The Smart™ Monitor control system records the exact amount of work completed by the actuator each and every time the lift is used, regardless of a patient’s weight or lift height covered. The intelligent system advises the user to schedule key maintenance helping to ensure your lift remains in optimum condition.

  • Identifies total lift actuations and work completed
  • Identifies lift overloads (exceeding SWL)
  • Identifies service interval periods n Increases patient safety and product service life

Interchangeable spreader bar/cradle and weigh-scale options

One of the restrictions of using certain lifts is the type of slings you can use. The Presence however, with its interchangeable spreader bar and cradle options, gives you a choice of sling systems. The Presence can also be fitted with an optional digital weigh-scale device to aid patient monitoring. This Class III certified weighscale is extremely compact and has a dual screen display for ease of use.

  • Safe Working Load - 500 Ibs/ 227 kgs
  • Maximum Overall Length - 57.5 inches/ 1460 mm
  • Minimum Overall Length - 55.1 Inches/ 1400 mm
  • Maximum Overall Height - 81.3 inches/ 2065 mm
  • Minimum Overall Height - 57.5 inches/ 1460 mm
  • Spreader Bar - Maximum Height 75.2 inches/ 1910 mm
  • Spreader Bar - Minimum Height 16.9 inches/ 430 mm
  • Height at Maximum Reach - 51.5 inches/ 1310 mm
  • Reach at Maximum Height - 25.6 inches/ 650 mm
  • Reach at Minimum Height - 15.7 inches/ 400 mm
  • Maximum Reach (Centre of spreader bar to front of the mast) - 36.6 inches/ 930 mm
  • Turning Radius - 64.2 inches/ 1630 mm
  • Legs Open - External Width 45.2 inches/ 1150 mm
  • Legs Open - Internal Width 40.1 inches/ 1020 mm
  • Legs Closed - External Width 26.4 inches/ 670 mm
  • Legs Closed - Internal Width 21.6 inches/ 550 mm
  • Overall Height of Legs - 4.7 inches/ 120 mm
  • Overall Height of Legs (Low leg model) - 2.3 inches/ 59 mm
  • Ground Clearance - 1.4 inches/ 35 mm
  • Ground Clearance (Low leg model) - 0.8 inches/ 20 mm
  • Front Twin Castors - 4.0 inches/ 100 mm
  • Front Twin Castors (Low leg model) - 2.0 inches/ 50 mm
  • Rear Braked Castors - 4.0 inches/ 100 mm
  • 4-point Positioning Cradle - Maximum Height 61.0 inches/ 1550 mm
  • 4-point Positioning Cradle - Minimum Height (usable) 15.4 inches/ 390 mm


  • Mast, Base & Boom Assembly (includes 6-point spreader bar) - 81.4 Ibs/ 37.0 kgs
  • Power Pack - 6.6 Ibs/ 3.0 kgs
  • Total (including 6-point spreader bar) - 88.0 Ibs/ 40.0 kgs
  • Base Assembly - 44.0 Ibs/ 20.0 kgs
  • Mast & Boom Assembly (excluding battery) - 37.4 Ibs/ 17.0 kgs
  • 4-point Positioning Cradle (manual operation) - 13.2 Ibs/ 6.0 kgs
  • 4-point Positioning Cradle (powered operation) - 19.8 Ibs/ 9.0 kgs

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