Hoist Oxford Journey [Hf2027]

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The Oxford® Journey lift is an ultra compact, portable folding stand aid with best-in-class functionality. It is compact and lightweight allowing care-givers to manoeuvre in tight spaces and can be folded for easy storage or transportation. The unique adjustable cow-horn mechanism supports a wider range of patient heights and sizes, allowing your facility to have one lift that meets the needs of many.

  • Safe working load 155kg / 24st / 342lbs
  • Compact folding design for easy storage and transportation
  • Unique adjustable cow horn function accommodates a range of patient sizes
  • SmartTM Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points
  • Height adjustable knee pad with retractable safety belt
  • Removable foot tray for walking/rehabilitation activity

Folding design

Unlike other stand aids on the market, the Journey can fold making it easy to transport and store. This functionality gives active users the option to travel outside the confines of their own home.

Unique adjustable cow-horn

The Journey’s unique adjustable cow-horn ensures maximum flexibility and improved patient comfort. With three cow-horn height options, the Journey can support a wider range of patient heights and sizes. Simply pull back the trigger mechanism on the boom and select the required cow-horn height.

Smart™ Monitor

The Smart™ Monitor control system records the exact amount of work completed by the actuator each and every time the lift is used, regardless of a patient’s weight or lift height covered. The intelligent system advises the user to schedule key maintenance helping to ensure your lift remains in optimum condition.

  • Identifies total lift actuations and work completed
  • Identifies lift overloads (exceeding SWL)
  • Identifies service interval periods n Increases patient safety and product service life

Removable foot tray

By removing the foot tray, the Journey transforms into a rehabilitation aid that allows a patient to fully stand. Once standing, the patient can be encouraged to walk independently.

Height adjustable knee pad

The Journey’s contoured knee pad is height adjustable to ensure the patient feels comfortable and fully supported during transfer. A retractable safety belt provides additional support for patients needing further reassurance.

  • Safe Working Load - 341 Ibs/ 155 kgs
  • Maximum Overall Length - 39.4 inches/ 1000 mm
  • Minimum Overall Length - 36.8 inches/ 935 mm
  • Maximum Overall Height - 63.0 inches/ 1600 mm
  • Minimum Overall Height - 44.5 inches/ 1130 mm
  • Height (Folded) - 20.5 inches/ 525 mm
  • Depth (Folded) - 41.0 inches/ 1040 mm
  • Widest Point (Between support handles) - 26.8 inches/ 680 mm
  • Maximum Height to Attachment Point - 60.2 inches/ 1530 mm
  • Minimum Height to Attachment Point - 28.4 inches/ 720 mm
  • Turning Radius - 45.1 inches/ 1145 mm
  • Legs Open - External Width 38.2 inches/ 970 mm
  • Legs Open - Internal Width 34.5 inches/ 875 mm
  • Legs Closed - External Width 27.0 inches/ 685 mm
  • Legs Closed - Internal Width 22.2 inches/ 590 mm
  • Overall Height of Legs - 4.3 inches/ 110 mm
  • Ground Clearance - 1.2 inches/ 30 mm
  • Front Twin Castors - 3.0 inches/ 75 mm
  • Rear Braked Castors - 4.0 inches/ 100 mm


Mast, Base & Boom Assembly - 82.4 Ibs/ 37.4 kgs
Power Pack - 6.2 Ibs/ 2.8 kgs
Total - 88.6 Ibs/ 40.2 kgs
Base Assembly - 30.2 Ibs/ 18.2 kgs
Mast & Boom Assembly (not including battery) - 42.3 Ibs/ 19.2 kgs

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