Hoist Kerry Quick Stand [Kh400G]

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Hoist Kerry Quick Stand [Kh400G] has a powered lifting arm and leg gating control using the multi-function handset make for easier, faster and safer patient lifting and transport. Intelligent electronics within the lifter record usage data, battery charge and the condition of the battery.
To protect the safety of both patients and carers, an electronic overload feature prevents the lifter operating if it detects a weight above its designed capacity.
A Maintenance Required indicator prompts users to service the Quik Stand to ensure ongoing safety and extend the operating life of the lifter.

  • Independently tested to conform to AS/ISO 10535:2002 for safety and peace of mind
  • Non-slip, polyurethane coated foot plate that folds up to allow the lifter to be used as a walking aid
  • Large, height-adjustable polyurethane padded knee pad
  • Electronic handset control of lifting arm height, single speed with soft start/stop
  • Electronic handset control of leg gating
  • Weight overload control and indication
  • Emergency stop button
  • Hand-operated emergency lowering
  • Maximum Occupant Weight 200 kg
  • Length 1050 mm
  • Width 690 mm
  • Leg Gate (inside) 530-860 mm, powered
  • Height 910 mm
  • Weight (including battery) 47 Kg
  • Lift Speed 48 mm/sec
  • Lift Reach 850 mm
  • Lift Range (yoke) 820-1620 mm
  • Front Castors 75 mm diameter, swivel
  • Rear Castors 125 mm diameter, total lock

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