Hippocampe Swimming Pool Chair [Vip.pf000200]

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The Hippocampe amphibious wheelchair was conceived to be water resistant and can be used from the changing room, accompany the user under the shower and help them to access to bathing on becoming a launching wheelchair.

With its camber, the Hippocampe pool wheelchair is easy to handle. Its hydrophobic foam seat provides the optimum comfort to remain seated in wet areas. Its low seating enables to be steady and to down stairs or inclined plane, in order to proceed on the launching in the water.
The use of the swimming pool wheelchair will enable to avoid hygiene problems linked to the access of standard wheelchair inside of wet areas.
Swimming is the sport most practiced by people with disabilities, since it allows most people (from the slightly handicapped to the most heavily handicapped) to use their motor abilities in a weightless situation. The access to swimming pool for disabled people is possible thanks to our Hippocampe submergible wheelchair.

To have access to the pool thanks to the Hippocampe pool wheelchair, three solutions are possible:

Get off by the slope access then you heave yourself up out of the wheelchair which floats.
Stop the Hippocampe chair (with the help of the brakes), you transfer yourself to the ground near to the water then enter the pool
Or with the help of a third-person, get off the pool stairs to reach the water.

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