Etac Light Combination Cutlery Knife/Spoon [80403001]

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The combination cutlery comprises Knife/fork and Knife/spoon, and is suitable for people who can use only one hand.

In common for all Etac Light cutlery is a functional design of the handle and a shape that makes the grip stable and comfortable. Each cutlery has its own unique shape and design according to its specific usage and to compensate for reduced hand function. Etac Light combination cutlery consists of a knife/fork and knife/spoon and is designed for use with one hand only. One side of the handle is flat. This secures a stable grip when cutting. The knife/fork is available in right-handed and left-handed versions, while the knife/spoon is suitable for both.


Knife/fork: 25 g
Knife/spoon: 35 g


Knife/fork: 18 cm
Knife/spoon: 20 cm


Utensil parts: Stainless steel
Handle: ABS plastic



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