Escalino Stair Climbing Device With Integrated Seat - Swl 120Kg [301101]

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Escalino is the convenient stair climber for everyday life. Inside or outside, at home or en route, the escalino‘s patented climbing cinematics overcome easily and safely stairs of all kinds providing you with more mobility and a higher quality of life. Thanks to the escalino‘s safe climbing qualities the operator is always in control.

The escalino‘s unique climbing system is reliable on the most diverse surfaces such as wood, stone, metal, PVC or carpet because it features climbers instead of climbing wheels.

The operator needs almost no physical power because the strong electric motor takes over the climbing of the stairs. The safety brakes automatically stop at each edge of a step.

Thanks to the handles adjustable in height, the escalino is safely in your hand and easy to handle.

The device is suitable for the transportation of persons up to 120 kg. On average one battery charge is sufficient for approximately 30 levels. This innovative climbing aid overcomes stairs practically all by itself.

The climbers provide steady and secure footing and do not damage the edges of steps. At a standstill and slightly extended climbers the device‘s seat is lifted so you can easily get on or off it. Thanks to its big wheels and climbers the escalino can also be used on grating stairs.

If necessary, the footrest can be folded up.

  • Total weight approved - 155 kg
  • Max. weight of the person - 120 kg
  • Climbing speed - 14 steps per minute
  • Range with one charge of the batteries - approx. 30 floors 
  • (equals 450 steps)
  • Max. height of step I extended - 210 mm
  • Width, handle | climbing unit (without armrests) - 518 | 458 mm
  • Depth | Depth with folded foot rest - 1014 | 854 mm
  • Height min. | max. - 1255 I 1515 mm
  • Batteries - 2 x 12 V / 5 Ah (sealed lead acid)
  • Direct current motor - 24 V / 200 W
  • Total weight - 34,8 kg

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