Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser Extra Soft Orange [Pat-A90830]

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Eggsercizer®Ergonomically shaped and made to fit the contours of the hand. Eggsercizer® has an egg shape that feels great in the hand. Eggsercizer® is designed to provide effective resistive therapy in a wide variety of exercises for the fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm. With regular Eggsercizer® use, your patients can improve grip strength, increase dexterity and mobility, develop motor skills and improve their circulation. Made of a non-allergenic polymer that will not crack, leak or melt and can be heated to provide additional release for arthritic and injured hands. Not made with natural rubber latex. Eggsercizer® is available in four color-coded firmness levels so it can be used for most stages of rehabilitation:

  • Orange Eggsercizer® is Extra-Soft
  • Green Eggsercizer® is Soft
  • Blue Eggsercizer® is Medium
  • Purple Eggsercizer® is Firm

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