Cushion Stabil-Air Single Valve 4Inches Cell 13.5X17.25 [Sa4-1317-1]

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The internal foam provides two amazing benefits. First, the internal foam is contoured, so that there is taller foam around the outside, with shorter foam for the leg troughs, the buttocks, and the coccyx. This contoured layer of foam provides a shell of stability and helps ease transfers on and off of the cushion. The second benefit is that the foam provides a backup or secondary layer of skin protection, which prevents the cushion from ever fully bottoming out. This means that a user or care provider can have the ‘peace of mind’ of knowing that if the multi-celled air cushion ever loses air, the user still is safeguarded with a backup layer of skin protection. Stabil-Air, the next generation of hybrid cushion!

  • No Weight Limit
  • Approximately 1.9 kg
  • Made with high-quality, flame resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber
  • Internal foam is 1.8 density fire retardant PU, contoured depending on cushion height
  • Stabil-Air 4 Inch Sizing Chart
  • Accessories: Incontinence Cover - Smooth and 4-way stretch. Breathable.


Single compartment with concealed stability

  • Single compartment with concealed stability

    The Stabil-Air cushion has a soft foam cylinder within each air cell. They are anatomically contoured and add exceptional stability to a single compartment air cell cushion.

Immersion and envelopment

  • Immersion and envelopment

    The soft foam cylinders contain a considerable amount of air and allow the user to immerse into the cushion to obtain the best envelopment. The Stabil-Air is available in 7.5 cm cell height.

Pressure redistribution

  • Pressure redistribution

    The air cell formability ensures very good pressure redistribution properties. They adapt to the body structure and minimize the risk of tissue deformation. Perfect for prevention and care of pressure ulcers.

Easy Handling

  • Easy Handling

    One compartment entails only one valve adjustment. The Stabil-Air cushion is an ideal combination of easy handling and stability, which can improve sitting tolerance over time.


Cleaning: Hand wash with soap, baking soda, or vinegar. For disinfection, use 70% disinfectant solution.

Cover Cleaning: Machine wash 60º C, no bleach.

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