Cushion Sensation High Profile 16X16 [B0034141]


Product Specifications

  • Approved-by - DVA
  • Approved-by - MASS
  • Brand - R & R Healthcare
  • Seat-depth - 40.5cm
  • Seat-width - 40.5 cm
  • Size - 16X16
  • Style - High Profile
  • Swl - 130kg
  • Type - Foam
In Stock
  • Sensation visco foam cushion with waterproof cover
  • Two way stretch water resistant cover
  • High density visco foam, provides pressure reduction and comfort
  • Suitable for use on most seats/chairs
Code Desciption
B00441415 16x16 Low Profile
B00446415 18x16 Low Profile
B00446465 18x18 Low Profile
B00451465 20x18 Low Profile
230030 20x20 Low Profile
B0034141 16x16 High Profile
B0034641 18x16 High Profile
B0034646 18x18 High Profile
B0035146 20x18 High Profile

20x20 High Profile

  Width Depth Thickness Low/High Max User Weight
16x16 405mm 405mm 50mm/100mm 130kg
18x16 455mm 405mm 50mm/100mm 130kg
18x18 455mm 455mm 50mm/100mm 130kg
20x18 505mm 455mm 50mm/100mm 130kg
20x20 505mm 505mm 50mm/100mm 130kg

Tip: Purchase a second cover for incontinence users.

It will give the user the flexibility to change to the spare cover when the used one needs to be washed and to not have to use the cushions without any cover nor wet.

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