Cushion Relax Easy 17X17X2.5 [Re005-1717]


Product Specifications

  • Approved-by - MASS
  • Brand - Trulife
  • Height - 6.35cm
  • Model - Relax Easy
  • Risk - Medium Risk
  • Size - 17X17
  • Swl - 130kg
  • Type - Hybrid
  • Weight - 1.9kg
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  • The Easy cushion has a layer of FloGel sandwiched between an upper and lower layer of viscoelastic foam
  • The combination of pressure relieving FloGel and viscoelastic foam facilitates effective pressure redistribution while allowing the patient to immerse themselves comfortably into the cushion
  • Conforms to the shape of the user, increasing surface area and relieving pressure
  • Clear protective polyurethane film coating is easy to wipe clean and is suitable for incontinent users
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

Model No. - Dimensions* (Width x Length x Height) - Cushion Weight
RE005-1416 - 36cm x 40cm x 5cm/ 14” x 16” x 2” - 1.7kg/3.8lb
RE005-1418 - 36cm x 45cm x 5cm/ 14” x 18” x 2” - 1.8kg/4.0lb
RE005-1616 - 40cm x 40cm x 5cm/ 16” x 16” x 2” - 1.8kg/4.0lb
RE005-1717 - 43cm x 43cm x 5cm/ 17” x 17” x 2” - 1.9kg/4.2lb
RE005-1816 - 45cm x 40cm x 5cm/ 18” x 16” x 2” - 1.9kg/4.2lb
RE005-1818 - 45cm x 45cm x 5cm/ 18” x 18” x 2” - 2.0kg/4.4lb
RE005-1820 - 45cm x 50cm x 5cm / 18” x 20” x 2” - 2.1kg/4.6lb
RE005-2020 - 50cm x 50cm x 5cm / 20” x 20” x 2” - 2.2kg/4.8lb
RE005-2218 - 55cm x 45cm x 5cm / 22” x 18” x 2” - 2.3kg/5.0lb

The weight limit for the Easy cushion is 130kg/287lbs

*A tolerance of +/- 5mm is applied to dimensions

Tip: Purchase a second cover for incontinence users.

It will give the user the flexibility to change to the spare cover when the used one needs to be washed and to not have to use the cushions without any cover nor wet.

Glamorgan Pressure Injury Risk Assessment is a reference guide to determine whether the patient is at risk, high risk or very high risk of having a pressure injury. Click Here to learn more.

Pan Pacific Clinical Practice Guideline for the Prevention and Management of Pressure Injury - CLICK HERE to read full guidelines.

Recommended additional reading:

Pressure Injury Prevention versus Treatment

National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards – Standard 8 Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries

WARNING! - It's very important that the patient is assessed by a qualified healthcare professional.  Each patient condition is different and often requires different approaches. We DO NOT recommend using this information solely as a guide - specially without assistance from a healthcare professional. Please contact your doctor or your local hospital for assistance.

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